Lieutenant Sigmund at the Gallimere barracks will inform the players that there is a gang of bandits that call themselves “The Bandits Of The Silver Dagger” raiding the road that leads from Gallimere to the other towns of Wulverheim. They are robbing anyone who passes through and it is harming the merchant trade between all towns.

Sigmund has one hell of a fight on his hands but cannot risk the manpower to combat the issue. Orcs have raided Griffins Gate and he fears that Gallimere may be next. The bandits themselves are also very well organised and have fortified themselves in Cracklewood Mine, which they are using as a base of operations. Sending in the Town Watch could be suicide…

Sigmund thinks this job would be best suited for a small group of mercenaries who could infiltrate their base and wipe out as many Bandits as they can.

Rewards of 160gp and 80XP will be given for every 8 Silver Daggers turned in at the barracks, plus an even greater reward of 400gp and 1000XP for the Bandit Leaders Head.