Creature Werewolf

Betrayers Of The Church

If the players ask Runa, the priestess of Selûne at Gallimere for any work she will inform them that some werewolves have turned their back on their Selûnite faith and decided to embrace their lycanthropic desires to kill.

They often stalk the lands of Wulverheim in search for humanoid meals, including innocent travellers and they must be stopped at all costs.

Runa will reward the player 500 gold pieces for every werewolf tooth returned to her.

Finding the Werewolves:

Werewolves can only be found at night along the roads and only in 3 locations. They will most likely be pursuing and attacking innocent travellers that are fleeing in terror. This can result in randomness as the travellers can flee in any direction, as will the Werewolf that gives chase. As a result, the Werewolves and travellers, should there be any survivors, could be anywhere within the following locations.

Krypdyr Marsh, north west.
Jaggatooth Mountains, north east.
Welwyn Valley, south west.