Hak The Lucky and his wife Tofa were travelling to Wulverberg and they surprisingly managed to get past the bandits and hostile animals. However one thing they did not expect to encounter were the giant spiders lurking in and outside of Spindelvev Cave.

Tofa managed to escape, but unfortunately Hak the Lucky was not so lucky. He was dragged inside by one of the eight legged freaks. Tofa carried on to Wulverberg in a hurry to try and get help.

Players can get this quest by meeting Tofa in Wulverberg Outskirts south east or by finding Hak’s Cocoon in Spindelvev Cave.

The players will need to find a special cocoon containing Hak the lucky deep within the Spindelvev Cave in River Burly Griffin, after a long Spider slaying dungeon crawl. The players can open the cocoon, which will free Hak, where by he can be rescued.

Hak will reward the players 1000gp and 1500XP for rescuing him. Alternatively if the players decline the reward they will get a boost in their good alignment and receive 1700XP. Same goes for the evil option, except of course you receive a negative alignment boost.