Helmite Monastery Wulverberg

The Order of the Eye of the Gauntlet

Specific to the country of Valheimia are an order of Helmite Monks. They call themselves 'The Eye of the Gauntlet' based on the Helm deity’s very own Symbol.

After King Steinolf The Brave made the mistake of dismissing the Shock Wolf Guild and waited for his towns to establish new guilds, the Order of the Eye emerged with an offer. The Helmites wished to establish 8 Monasteries around Wulverbergs Borders so that the Monks would have places to recruit new followers to their order, practice their worship and train in their martial arts. They would also serve as a warning to any threats not to harass Wulverberg boarders.

Steinolf knew that Helm was an ally of his God Torm, so agreed to their offer and so the Monasteries were built. However the people of Wulverheim no longer see the help in what the order of Monks are doing. They say that these days the Monks tend to remain concealed away in their Monasteries dedicating their time to practicing their arts and meditating instead of focusing on their original purpose of protecting the land. After all the roads are not safe in Wulverheim. Bandits, Marauders and Beasts alike still rule the roads of the kingdom.

Still the monasteries are open to any travellers who wish to worship Helm and seek the services of the Helmite Priests that tend to the temple halls.

There are eight Monasteries in Wulverheim and they can be found in:

1. Welwyn Valley SE

2. Oaknest forest NE

3. Brockbank bay NE

4. The Gull Coast NW

5. River Burly Griffin SW

6. Jaggatooth Mountains SW

7. Veiskille River SE

8. Wulverberg Outskirts NW