Rockpoint Cave

A large cave in River Burly Griffin, north east. Contains Orcs. (Quest Related)


Orc Raid at Griffin's Gate
Acquirable from Duke Báro at Gallimere. Reward is 4,000GP for orc chieftain's head. This cave is the destination of a quest.

The Unexpected Rescue
This quest is area-specific, added in 1.02 version of Wulverheim. You cannot begin quest until you could meet a boy named Torfi during exploring. To complete, you need to kill the chieftain, loot a prison key from orc's corpse. Prison is in the third level of the cave network. Look for western side.


Stone of Recall
If you use Stone of Recall at here, you will be teleported to Helmite Monastery in River Burly Griffin SW (south-western).