Warlocks have an overall poor reputation as a result of their dealings with otherworldly and often malevolent outsiders. In Wulverheim Warlocks have been particularly outlawed ever since the horrific event in history known as the Black Arts Path, when one teamed up with a necromancer and assaulted the Arcane Mages Guild.

Since then Warlocks have been hunted by the law. An organisation of Warlock Finders or Hunters were formed. They hunt down suspected Warlocks and put them on trial and then they burn them alive.

The player can meet a Warlock Hunter named Kveldulf in Wulverberg. He claims he has recently accused and arrested a suspected Tiefling girl named Gunnhild. She is currently held prisoner in the Wulverberg Dungeons underneath the palace.

The player can attempt to free Gunnhild from prison by either picking her lock or paying the gaoler 500 gold pieces. Her goddess Lliira bestowed her with a spell, embedded in Gunnhild's mind. It is a one time only spell, which she will use to permanently change her physical appearance, giving her a new external identity. This will prevent her being recognised by the Warlock Hunters.

Gunnhild will then offer her companionship to the player as thanks. Players will also be rewarded 500XP.